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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

About this weblog

This is a weblog about my view of education and a few other things. It will grow incrementally over time.

If you want to contact me or post something as a reply to one of the blog entries, you can click on Steven Fletcher ("posted by" link) underneath this posting.

Over the last few years a number of enterprises have sprung up that I either own or serve on the board of. Some are nonprofit organizations or run by a nonprofit organization, others are small companies or simple informational web sites. I invite you to visit them:

100 Concepts (Discovering the most important concepts to be understood in today's globalized world)

Delta Stories (A source for delta stories - stories that meet the delta standard)

Drawing Forth (This blog)

ESL-EFL (A source for materials that can help students learning oral English)

Fred Mortensen (A source for things about Fred Mortensen)

Micro Steps (An exciting nonprofit focused on education)

Gentle Place Publishing (Books, audio books and music Cd's - all inspirational material)

Gentle Place Organization (Educational quotes and more, an expansion of the work done by Gentle Place Publishing)

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