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Thursday, November 20, 2008

National Universtiy Franchise System

Barack Obama has created a web site to gather ideas from the general public about urban policy. Today, I submitted the following idea:

Create a national university franchise system that, in conjunction with nearby universities and colleges, creates micro campuses that offer easy access to continuing and higher education by creating learning institutions in areas where home foreclosures are high and in other blighted or under-served areas. Tuition should be highly subsidized and entrance barriers minimized. Education should be focused on a broad liberal education but with specific skills that will lead to employment. Institutionalized red tape such as state licensing should be minimized to reduce start-up times. Programs could be set up for five or ten years after which they can be evaluated and then turned over to public or private institutions.

I would appreciate your support if you think this idea has merit. If you do please go to the website and vote for it. the more votes it gets, the greater the chance of it being considered. Here is the link:


Posted by Steven Fletcher at 3:51 PM